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One of the easiest and quickest ways to add value to your marketing is by creating news stories relevant to your target audience.

Written content can be used in a variety of positive ways. It can be posted on social media, it can be sent out in a monthly email, or even submitted as a press release. Google and Facebook both reward businesses that create ‘unique, engaging and original content’. The simple act of writing a 250-word article improves your visibility online, engages audiences, improves your reputation and takes pressure off your staff. Canterbury.Digital provides a fast efficient text writing service.

Video production

The last two years have seen an explosion in the use of short video clips created specifically for use in social media. Currently in Kent, very few organisations are capitalising on this outside the news outlets – whose own efforts are not as professionally produced as you might expect.

Unlike producing footage for broadcast, video clips for social media can be created in less than a day, making the medium affordable as well as effective.


Canterbury.Digital offers a full in-house photography service for events, reportage, architecture etc. In practice this means we can both supply and source images for our clients to use with their digital media. Where client’s budgets won’t stretch to commissioning a photographer for the day, we can use our photo libraries to find pictures quickly and efficiently.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns are staple functions of digital agencies. It involves setting a budget with you, then managing that budget to get the best results. Both activities result in your company appearing higher in search engine results, and more traffic coming through to your website.


Digital Marketing doesn’t exist in isolation from traditional publicity. Being local to Kent we have contacts with all the nearby news organisations. We also have experience in dealing with organising and running events, as well as crisis management.

The service that will be of particular value to you is our ability to use our contacts to distribute your digital materials via local media or national distributers, for example Buzzfeed or HexJam.        

Social Media

As part of our subscription service we can manage our clients’ social media channels in part or in full. We keep your social media feeds populated with content that gets results, both in generating a buzz and generating leads for your website.

Graphic design

Professional design is the thread that runs through everything we will do. Whether it’s simple graphics for sharing on social media or entire brand identities, Canterbury.Digital provides a quality and affordable service.

Our designers are specifically trained in social media. They know how to use colour to capture viewers’ attention in different scenarios and how to leverage text and image ratios to deliver particular objectives. We are always ahead of the technology curve and

Web development

Canterbury.Digital’s web development resources has two primary functions. The first is to complete website builds and to develop and enhance our clients’ websites.

We also create bespoke software solutions. If you are looking for an ecommerce solution or   CRM solution and can’t find the product that meets your needs, we can develop it for you – or potentially adapt something from our ever-expanding library of custom development.

Commissioning of print services

Canterbury.Digital has contacts with printers and can negotiate trade prices for printed materials based on your requirements.

Email marketing

In the last few years, the highest-returning form of digital marketing has been email marketing. Canterbury.Digital has the tools and expertise to create tailored, professionally designed, and trackable emails that keep customers engaged.

Combined with our copywriting service this is an excellent way to nature customers and drive your business forward.

Database management

Building data and managing it is an area where Canterbury.Digital stands apart from its competitors. Digital marketing is a fast-growing industry and successful the digital marketer need to find new ways to cut through the noise to make the message heard.
The most efficient way is to target communications at the people most likely to respond to them. In order to do this, you need as much customer data as possible.

We help our clients build customer data. We work with you to make sure that every interaction you have with a customer teaches us something and helps build a bigger picture.


A key difference between Canterbury.Digital and its competitors is the working ethos. We want to work with our clients not just for them. Our clients often have somebody on the staff who can update social media and carry out basic marketing functions, however without training these activities can be at sometimes ineffectual and at the worse counter-productive.

As part of our subscription model we offer clients on-site training as well as support. Training includes how to write for web, basic image editing, getting the most out of smartphones for business, and other core skills that can really improve your digital marketing.

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